Borrowing liberally from Corellian Engineering’s design language and philosophy, the Lancer-class rides the line between civilian freighter and warship. The latest release from MandalMotors, created on special commission for the Black Sun, the Lancer is more an interdiction and patrol vessel than it is a workaday cargo hauler. Designed to chase down fleeing cargo vessels or outrun other patrol ships, these vessels are fast, tough, and able to withstand hard use with irregular maintenance. They were designed to fly, fight, and survive in the most dangerous and remote parts of the galaxy from under-stocked, often improvised facilities. To that end, they have numerous redundant systems and are quite easy to maintain. In addition, they are highly modular, allowing a broad array of modifications to fit the needs of nearly any user. This makes them extremely attractive to smugglers, bounty hunters, and many backwater planetary governments looking for a fast, cheap, and well-armed patrol ship.

Roughly the size of the YT-1300, the Lancer-class has a thin, saucer-like main hull reminiscent of many of CEC’s more popular ships. A narrow, two-position tandem cockpit protrudes from the saucer’s forward leading edge, and seats a pilot and co-pilot in cramped but well laid-out surroundings. A bank of powerful sublight engines mounted aft provides the primary thrust, and a pair of high performance ion engines are mounted on two short, squat, midships-mounted sponsons, providing a powerful boost when needed. While not as agile as a starfighter, the Lancer’s drives give it exceptional straight-line speed, enough to run down nearly anything in its class. While its shields are minimal and its armor is light, the Lancer’s speed and narrow silhouette make it a difficult target to track and hit in the heat of battle. The ship’s primary armament is relatively light – a pair of fire-linked light laser cannons, a triple light laser turret, and a tractor beam emitter – but a state of the art fire control system makes them incredibly potent.


Silhouette Speed Handling Armor Hull Trauma System Strain
4 5 -2 2 0/20 0/10


Fore Port Starboard Aft
1 0


Weapon Firing Arc Damage Range Crit Special
Dorsal Turret Mounted Triple Light Laser Cannon All Dorsal 5 Close Linked 2
Forward-mounted Twin Light Laser Cannon Forward 5 Close Linked 1
Ventral-mounted Light Tractor Beam Projector All Ventral - Close - Tractor 2

Hull Type/Class: Light Freighter/Lancer-class
Manufacturer: MandalMotros
Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 2, Backup: Class 12
Navicomputer: Yes
Sensor Range: Short
Ship’s Complement: One pilot, one co-pilot.

Encumbrance Capacity: 140
Passenger Capacity: 4
Consumables: Three months
Cost/Rarity: 120,000 credits/8
Customization Hard Points: 3

Attachments: Go-Corp CD-12a Autopilot Droid Brain (Droid brain can perform Piloting – Planetary or Piloting – Space skill of 2 and an Agility of 0 (if unassisted, it rolls for Piloting checks); May be summoned via a beckon call.); Fabritech KR-770 “Sharpshooter” Targeting Computer (Upgrades the ability of Gunnery checks when firing the ship’s weapons by one.); Corellian Engineering Corporation SecurePro (Upgrade the difficulty of Computers and Skulduggery checks made to gain unauthorized access to the ship twice.)


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