Jevan Rhade

Bounty Hunter, Gadgeteer



Name: Jevan Rhade
Species: Mandalorian Human
Career: Bounty Hunter
Specialization Trees: Gadgeteer, Skip Tracer

Gender: Male
Age: 32
Height: 1.9 meters
Build: Athletic
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green

Notable Features: Jevan has a scar down his right eye, received from a stray grenade thrown by one of his targets.
Other: Jevan has various tattoos on his chest and arms, mainly of Mandalorian iconography and Mando’a phrases.

Soak Value Wounds Strain Defense
7 0/20 0/13 2R/2M


Brawn Agility Intellect Cunning Willpower Presence
4 4 2 3 3 2


General Skills Career? Dice Pool Rank
Astrogation (Int)
Athletics (Br) Y 5
Charm (Pr)
Coercion (Will) Y 3
Computers (Int)
Cool (Pr) Y 1
Coordination (Ag)
Deception (Cun)
Discipline (Will)
Leadership (Pr)
Mechanics (Int) Y 2
Medicine (Int)
Negotiation (Pr) Y 2
Perception (Cun) Y 2
Piloting – Planetary (Ag) Y
Piloting – Space (Ag) Y 2
Resilience (Br) 2
Skulduggery (Cun) Y 2
Stealth (Ag) 1
Streetwise (Cun) Y 2
Survival (Cun) 1
Vigilance (Will) Y 4
Combat Skills Career? Dice Pool Rank
Brawl (Br) Y 1
Gunnery (Ag) Y
Melee (Br) Y
Ranged – Heavy (Ag) Y 1
Ranged – Light (Ag) Y 4
Knowledge Skills Career? Dice Pool Rank
Core Worlds (Int)
Education (Int)
Lore (Int)
Outer Rim (Int)
Underworld (Int) Y 2
Warfare (Int) 1
Xenology (Int)


Weapon Skill Damage Range Crit Special Attachments
WESTAR-34 Blaster Pistol Ranged – Light 13 Medium Pierce 1, Stun Setting, Superior Paired Weapons (Reduce required to hit with second weapon when two-weapon fighting by 1.); Superior Weapon Customization (Generate automatic on all checks related to its use and increase base damage by 1.)
WESTAR-34 Blaster Pistol Ranged – Light 13 Medium Pierce 1, Stun Setting, Superior Paired Weapons (Reduce required to hit with second weapon when two-weapon fighting by 1.); Superior Weapon Customization (Generate automatic on all checks related to its use and increase base damage by 1.)
Vibroknife Melee +1 Engaged Pierce 2, Vicious 1


Type Defense Soak Hard Points Special Attachments
Mandalorian Armor 2 4 6 Superior Superior Armor Customization (Reduce encumbrance by one and increase soak value by 1.); Galkor Solutions W-7 Locator Array (1 Skill (Survival) Mod, 1 Skill (Vigilance) Mod; Upgrade the ability of checks to track a designated target once. The wearer may designate a target by spending a maneuver while maintaining line of sight to the target, or through sensor and communication equipment such as a Surveillance Tagger. Only a single target can be designated at a time.); MandalTech Predview (1 Skill (Vigilance) Mod; Removes up to caused by darkness, smoke, or other environmental effects that obstruct vision on any Perception, Vigilance or combat skill checks.); Industrial Automation Xr5 Power Assist (1 Characteristic (Brawn) Mod, 2 Skill (Athletics) Mods, 2 Innate Talent (Brace) Mods); Multi-Band Comlink (A long range comlink is built into the helmet.)


Motivation Type Description
Ambition Expertise Jevan is determined to become an expert bounty hunter, and is constantly honing his skills.
Cause Overthrow the Empire Jevan detests the Empire and is a quiet supporter of the Rebellion.
Code Finish the Job Once he has taken a contract, Jevan will see it through to the bitter end, no matter the consequences.
Relationship Extended Family/Clan Clan Rhade is incredibly important to Jevan, and he strives to bring honor and glory through his exploits.


Obligation Magnitude Complications
Keeping the Faith 10 Jevan adheres to the old ways of his people, and lives each day in accordance with the tenets instilled in him.
Vigilante 10 Jevan is a ruthless enforcer of his own brand of justice and often pursues the most hardened of criminals.


Duty Magnitude Complications
Combat Victory 0 Jevan is at his core a warrior and he will do whatever it takes to ensure Rebel victory over the Empire in battle.

Equipment Log

Credits Weapons & Armor Personal Gear Assets & Resources
97,045 WESTAR-34 Blaster Pistol, WESTAR-34 Blaster Pistol, Vibroknife, Mandalorian Armor Utility Belt, MCI-100 Magnacuffs, Datapad, Rhinsome Tracking Corp SureSnoop (5), HoloNet Homing Beacon (5) Imperial Peace-Keeping Certificate, Jai’galaar (Lancer-class Pursuit Craft)

Talents and Special Abilities

Name Rank Page Ability Summary
Defensive Stance 1 134 Once per round, may perform Defensive Stance maneuver and suffer a number of strain to upgrade difficulty of all incoming melee attacks by an equal number. Strain suffered this way cannot exceed ranks in Defensive Stance.
Intimidating 1 137 May suffer a number of strain to downgrade difficulty of Coercion checks, or upgrade difficulty when targeted by Coercion checks by an equal number. Strain suffered this way cannot exceed ranks in Intimidating.
Jury Rigged 2 138 Choose 1 weapon, armor, or other item and give it a permanent improvement while it remains in use. Item(s): WESTAR-34 Blaster, WESTAR-34 Blaster
Toughened 3 145 Gain +2 wound threshold.
Point Blank 1 141 Add 1 damage per rank of Point Blank to damage of one hit of successful attack while using Ranged (Heavy) or Ranged (Light) skills at close range or engaged.
Armor Master 132 When wearing armor, increase total soak value by 1.
Disorient 1 135 After hitting with combat check, may spend to disorient target for number of rounds equal to ranks in Disorient.
Tinkerer 1 145 May add 1 additional hard point to a number of items equal to ranks in Tinkerer. Each item may only be modified once. Item(s): Mandalorian Armor
Dedication 2 134 Gain +1 to a single characteristic. This cannot bring a characteristic above 6.
Deadly Accuracy 1 134 When acquired, choose 1 combat skill. Add damage equal to ranks in that skill to one hit of a successful attack made using that skill. Skill: Ranged – Light
Improved Armor Master 132 When wearing armor with a soak value of 2 or higher, increase defense by 1.
Spare Clip 143 Cannot run out of ammo due to . Items with Limited Ammo quality run out of ammo as normal.
Brace 3 132 Perform the Brace maneuver to remove per rank of Brace from your next Action. This may only remove added by environmental circumstances
Natural Enforcer 139 Once per session, may re-roll any 1 Coercion or Streetwise check.
Bypass Security 1 133 Remove per rank of Bypass Security from checks made to disable a security device or open a locked door.
Hard-Boiled 2 34 When recovering strain after an encounter, may spend up to ranks in Hard-Boiled to recover 1 wound per spent.
Good Cop 2 33 May spend from a Charm or Negotiation check to upgrade ability of a single ally’s subsequent Social Interaction check against the target a number of times equal to ranks in Good Cop.
Rapid Recovery 1 141 When healing strain after an encounter, heal 1 additional strain per rank of Rapid Recovery.
Expert Tracker 1 135 Remove per rank of Expert Tracker from checks to find tracks or track targets. Decrease time to track a target by half.
Street Smarts 1 144 Remove per rank of Street Smarts from Streetwise or Knowledge (Underworld) checks.
Bought Info 143 Instead of making a Knowledge check, may take a Bought Info action, spend credits equal to 50 times the difficulty of the check to pass with one .
Improved Street Smarts 1 144 Once per session, may take an Improved Street Smarts action; make a Streetwise or Knowledge (Underworld) check to learn one vital clue from the GM. Reduce the difficulty once per rank of Street Smarts.

Signature Abilities

Name Upgrade Purchased Description
Always Get My Mark Base Ability 1 Once per game session, the character may choose a known minion NPC on the same planet to be their mark, spend 2 Destiny Points, and make a Hard () Streetwise check. If successful, the character tracks down the chosen mark; a new encounter begins as the character reaches the mark’s location. The exact nature of the encounter, as well as the circumstances under which it takes place, must be approved by the GM. Attached Tree: Gadgeteer


Experience Earned Experience Available
730 10

Jevan Rhade was born in 32 BBY on the planet Concord Dawn into Clan Rhade of House Vizsla, the son of Valen Rhade, a former Mandalorian police officer, and his wife, Tavrie. As members of the Old Mandalorians, those who continued to live according to the traditionalist warrior ways of old, Clan Rhade was among the warrior-clans that made up those exiled following the pacifistic New Mandalorian’s victory during the Mandalorian Civil War.

Valen, who wished to instill a proper legacy for Clan Rhade, instructed the young Jevan in the warrior ways of his people. As his clan had been supporters of the old ways, Jevan was taught the tenets of the Mandalorian code. By the time he was eight, Jevan had developed a strong sense of Mandalorian culture and like his parents, wished to remain true to the honorable standards championed by the Old Mandalorians.

When the Clone Wars broke out in 22 BBY, Clan Rhade offered its services to the Separatists, having no love for the widespread corruption in the Republic, as well as remaining embittered by its support of the New Mandalorians. The clan was employed as additional security forces, and spent much of the war working security onboard transport shuttles and at Confederate camps throughout the Outer Rim. Valen left to fight on the frontlines, sending credits home to Tavrie for the continued raising of Jevan.

With his father away at war, Jevan continued his military and survival training under the careful guidance of his mother, who continued to reinforce the teachings of old ways and the Mandalorian code. Through his mother’s tutelage, Jevan became a competent manhunter and a skilled marksman. For his own part, he developed an efficient skill with technology, particularly when it came to modifying weapons and armor.

With the end of the Clone Wars and transformation of the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire, Concord Dawn fell under the rule of the Journeyman Protectors, former warriors subservient to the ruler of Mandalore. Although a majority of the clans had agreed to allow an Imperial presence on the planet, including an Imperial garrison, Clan Rhade was apprehensive about the decision, viewing any deal with the Empire a bad idea.

After some years of living under the rule of the Imperial-aligned Protectors, Jevan sought to live a life free of the oppressive Empire and its politics. With the support of his parents and Clan Rhade, Jevan ensured that they would always be on his mind and left Concord Dawn in 10 BBY to find his own way in the galaxy.

Drawing upon his accomplished skills as a manhunter and combatant, Jevan became a bounty hunter operating mostly in the Outer Rim. Although he possessed an Imperial Peace-Keeping Certificate and accepted Imperial contracts, he held little love for the Empire and preferred to take jobs from those outside the Empire, when available. Over the years, he earned a reputation for having a strict code of honor and defending justice and the law in his own ruthless way.

In 5 BBY, Jevan entered the employ of Xiarr, a Falleen crime lord and low-level associate of the Black Sun. Despite his general distaste for criminal syndicates, Jevan viewed Xiarr as a necessary evil, since he provided contracts and didn’t question Jevan’s preference to work around the law, rather than outright break it. While working for Xiarr, Jevan grew to become one of the Falleen’s preferred mercenaries, and was frequently entrusted with some of the most dangerous contracts.

While on Ord Mantell in 0 BBY, Jevan came into contact with Iala Noraan, a reckless Twi’lek smuggler also working for Xiarr. As Jevan was returning to Xiarr’s Worlport facility following delivery of a fugitive, an argument broke out between Iala and one of Xiarr’s lieutenants that resulted in the Tw’lek causing an accidental explosion. The blast destroyed several of Xiarr’s smuggling freighters, as well as Jevan’s own ship, which was caught in the shock wave. As repayment for her part in the loss of his ship, Jevan convinced Iala to allow him to work out of her’s, the Rogue Zenith, a lightly-modified YT-2400 light freighter.

Although the relationship proved tumultuous at first and their experiences with the Empire and life on the fringe vastly different, they eventually found common ground. Iala provided Jevan with a reliable means of transport and Jevan brought his technical aptitude, as well as providing a boost to Iala’s reputation with his Mandalorian imagery.

Eventually, Jevan cut professional ties with Xiarr in 1 ABY, disillusioned with working for a criminal syndicate. Realigning himself as an independent bounty hunter, Jevan vowed to become one of the best and most feared in the galaxy, and with that, bring honor to his clan.

Jevan Rhade

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