Astronavigation Data: Salecami system, Suolriep sector, Outer Rim Territories
Orbital Metrics: 392 days per year / 26 hours per day
Government: corporate
Population: 1.4 billion (Pantorans 36%, Weequay 18%, Gran 8%, Human 6%, Twi’lek 4%, Other 38%)
Languages: Basic, Pantoran
Terrain: Caverns, craters, deserts forests, jungles, mountains, volcanoes, wetlands
Major Cities: Taleucema (capital and the main starport)
Areas of Interest: Magma caverns
Major Exports: Botanicals, finished goods, medicines, technology
Major Imports: Foodstuffs, raw materials
Trade Routes: Talcene Transit (connects to the Perlemian Trade Route)
Special Conditions: Frequent meteor showers

Background: The word “saleucami” means “oasis” in Pantoran. For the world’s first Pantoran settlers, the name was apt, as it is the only hospitable world in its planetary system. In time, Gran, Twi’lek, and Weequay colonists also immigrated here. They settled inside the world’s numerous impact craters. The geothermal vents and subterranean water within made these craters unusually lush compared to the rest of the surface, resulting in a world of mixed terrain ranging from wetlands to deserts.

Outside of the oppressive heat of the equatorial regions, Saleucami’s climate is quite mild most of the year. The temperature rises dramatically during the summer months, however, and remaining indoors is the only remedy. Because of this, most pursue their usual schedules at night during the period known as the Eventide.

The Pantoran colonists originally established the Eventide as a holiday of sorts. Lasting a little over three standard months, it is marked by long, lazy days and active nights. Schedules are reversed, with the midday meal traditionally served at midnight.

Saleucami is currently under Imperial control. The Imperial Governor is on the Zann Consortium’s payroll, though, which guarantees that business is rarely disrupted.

The Imperial presence is felt noticeably only in Taleucema and some of the larger settlements on Saleucami. This mostly consists of attempts to crack down on Rebel sympathizers.


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