Raxus Prime


Astronavigation Data: Raxus system, Tion Hegemony, Outer Rim Territories
Orbital Metrics: 388 local days in a year / 22 standard hours in a day
Government: Imperial governor (Jawa tribal chiefs)
Population: 1.3 million (Humans 37%, Jawas 63%)
Languages: Basic, Jawa
Major Terrain: junkyards, toxic pools
Major Cities: Central Station
Areas of Interest: Sienar refinery, the Junk Temple
Major Exports: recycled metals and chemicals
Major Imports: food, water, high technology, information
Special Conditions: highly polluted climate

Background: Widely regarded as “the most toxic planet in the galaxy”, Raxus Prime is covered in mountains of industrial waste, obsolete technology, starship wreckage, and the remains of centuries of unregulated manufacturing. The planet functions as a poisonous industrial scrap heap. It has fallen a long way from its ancient, pre-Republic status as a capital of the Kingdom of Cron. During the Clone Wars, Raxus Prime briefly came back into galactic significance when Count Dooku announced the formation of the Confederacy of Independent Systems from the world. It also became a battleground of the Clone Wars.

After the Empire took over, nearly all of Raxus Prime’s planetary operations were controlled by a massive artificial intelligence known as the Core. Several years ago, the Core was eliminated, and orbital Imperial shipyards and Sienar Fleet Systems began to dominate the planet. They use the remains of the planet’s droid automated recycling system to harvest metals and materials from the mountains of scrap.

The system remains under Imperial control, and Imperial patrols closely monitor any activity around or associated with the shipyards. Junk ships.from around the galaxy continue to dump their dangerous, toxic loads to the surface. They’re expected to follow strict Imperial protocols and need official clearance to land, but, in practice, most are allowed to dump their loads freely, as long as they remain clear of the manufacturing operations. A small percentage are intercepted for inspection, but the Imperials are more interested in deterring potential Rebel operations against the shipyards than in monitoring dangerous materials being dumped on a hopelessly polluted planet.

With shipyard operations ever expanding, the Imperials implemented programs to drive all competition for the raw materials from the planet. While ships are free t o dump their scrap, freeloading scavengers are no longer welcome. The Empire has begun a harsh crackdown on scavengers of all types.

Raxus Prime

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