Ord Mantell


Astronavigation Data: Bright Jewel system, Bright Jewel Sector, Mid Rim region
Orbital Metrics: 394 days per year / 26 hours per day
Government: republic with elected governor
Population: 4 billion (varied species)
Languages: Basic
Terrain: Mesas, plains, mountains, islands
Major Cities: Worlport (capital), Freelonn, Savroia
Areas of Interest: Ten Mile Plateau, Lady Fate Casino
Major Exports: Entertainment, tourism, manufactured goods
Major Imports: Consumables, raw materials
Trade Routes: Celanon Spur, Entralla Route (connects to Muunilinst)
Special Conditions: none

Background: Ord Mantell is a spacer’s paradise. Scoundrels and smugglers are welcomed with open arms. Such a concoction of vice and criminality would seem to make the world ungovernable, and indeed Ord Mantell borders on the. brink of lawlessness, but that’s been the case since the planet’s colonization by Corellians.

Originally an Ordnance/Regional Depot for the Old Republic, which gave it the prefix “Ord,” the world could never shake loose its Corellian bad habits. Now Mantellians — a collective term for the world’s various inhabitants — pride themselves on their “relaxed attitude.” Over the millennia, this open society has attracted all manner of individuals, from tax-evaders and traders to loners and ne’er-do-wells. Open-air markets sell almost anything, and in seedy cantinas transport can be secured for illicit cargo. Nothing is truly illegal on Ord Mantell and the only tax that is levied is one to vote. For if anything rules Ord Mantell, it’s the mighty credit.

The planetary governors and representatives are notorious for taking bribes and legislating favors. Donate enough and one can get away with anything. Courts respect the rights and privileges of bounty hunters, as they see them as a free-market approach to law enforcement. This is not to say the streets of Worlport or Savroia are deathtraps. Cities and casinos contract private security firms for police duty, considering the safety of the millions of tourists who come each year on gambling holidays their main priority.

Beyond the betting strips are stretches of junkyards, factories, and strip mines. Farther out along the continental shores linger small fishing, religious, and agricultural communities, which prefer not to be bothered by outlanders and try to remain isolated.

A thousand other star systems offer many of the same temptations, though few of them are blessed with Ord Mantell’s location. Situated at the end of the Entralla Route, Ord Mantell serves as the turn onto the Celanon Spur. Only the fastest navicomputers can make the course correction without leaving hyperspace, making Ord Mantell an obvious stop over.

The Empire permits Ord Mantell its veneer of independence, relying on blackmailing the planetary governor rather than outright subjugation. Mantellians, however, are seeing more and more Imperial stormtroopers in their cities. Imperials fear that Ord Mantell may become a hideaway for pockets of the Rebellion, and they keep an eye on the planet with fleet maneuvers and a gradual build-up of ground forces.

Ord Mantell

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