Astronavigation Data: Chol system, Outer Rim Territories
Orbital Metrics: 323 local days in a year / 20 standard hours in a day
Government: none [local]
Population: unknown/transient
Languages: unknown
Major Terrain: temperate forests, tropical jungles, mountains, ocean
Areas of Interest: the Idona Forest, Tethyrr River Valley
Major Exports: exotic flora and fauna
Major Imports: high technology, information, medicines

Background: Cholganna is a remote and isolated world located at the outer edge of the Outer Rim, with only Wild Space beyond. Those few who have heard of the world usually know it as the homeworld of the nexu. The nexu is a fast, fearsome, four-legged beast with a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth and a violent disposition. With effort, nexu can be trained, or even domesticated if young enough (domesticated being a relative term). They are popular as opponents in arena fighting (illegal on most worlds) and in some circles as a natural guard. Big game hunters make the occasional trip to Cholganna to capture nexu for sale or hunt them to prove their skills.

Much of Cholganna’s terrain is ragged or irregular, and it is covered in deep jungle or forest depending on the latitude. In the north, temperate forests extend from cliff shores to mountain ranges. In the south, dense rainforests thrive amid near-perpetual precipitation. Countless rivers and streams feed into the Tethyrr River Valley. Much of the planet’s life is concentrated at its shores, while even more species lurk in its watery depths—including the amphibious reevos. At its mouth,‘the Tethyrr spreads out across an enormous delta before finally emptying out into the planet’s westerly ocean.

Thanks to the array of foliage types, innumerable types of violent and dangerous creatures are native to the world. Each possesses its own particular adaptations to suit its surrounding climate and environs, resulting in many different variants of the same species. There are no known sapient species native to Cholganna.

Its wildlife is not the only threat, however Torrential cyclones, explosive volcanoes, cavernous sinkholes, and even quicksand have allegedly claimed the lives of many who have tried to traverse its surface. Previous colonization attempts failed or were quickly abandoned.

There are few settlements on the planet, and those are extremely small and rarely visited by offworlders. Nexu hunters.stake out search areas and set up temporary fortified encampments around their starships. Most settlements simply don’t want to be found. Sometimes their inhabitants are criminals hiding out from law enforcement or the Imperials.

Cholganna lies far but of the way of the Perlemian Trade Route. With only poor or obsolete astrogation data available, the planet is practically worthless to smugglers and other fringers even as a hiding spot, never mind the fact that most are unable or unwilling to constantly fend off the planet’s man-eating wildlife.


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