Star Wars: Edge of Hope

Beyond the Rim: Episode III

Toxic Motherlode

After a jump through hyperspace, the Rogue Zenith arrived at Raxus Prime. Following a tense transmission with Raxus Control, the Zenith’s proximity sensors sounded as four TIE fighters approached the ship. As Kandar rushed to the man the turbolasers, Captain Noraan utilized her deft piloting ability to outmaneuver the fighters, allowing Kandar to shoot down the crew’s pursuers. With the Imperial ships defeated, Captain Noraan guided the Zenith to Scrapheap Point, landing in an alcove near the shore of a toxic lake.

The crew was greeted by Norta, the Rodian manager of IsoTech’s facility, who arranged to meet with crew and IT-3PO in one of the conference rooms aboard the Crushed Courier, one of many junked starships converted into office space for IsoTech. Cratala and her staff, meanwhile, were moved to the IsoTech showroom. The crew was able to negotiate a deal with Norta for Cratala’s designs, and were paid 2,000 credits as a down payment, although Captain Noraan was suspicious as to Reom’s absence.

While Norta left to begin negotiations with Cratala and IT-3PO, the crew was left to explore the facility as they waited for Reom’s arrival. While Kandar and Askrut remained behind within the scrapped freighter, Captain Noraan and Sha’ryn’thaqiz took to scavenging in Scrapheap Point’s large junk pile, taking advantage of Norta’s promise to pay for locating certain items. After searching for a few hours, and stealthily avoiding detection by an Imperial probe droid, Captain Noraan was able to locate a multi-phase transformer and Sha’ryn’thaqiz was able to find an assortment of power-line splicers. Before returning to the main facility, Sha’ryn’thaqiz spotted a skiff of five Jawas that appeared suspicious.

As they returned to the facility, Norta gathered the crew and took them up to one of the alcoves to meet with a group of Jawa scavengers, though both Captain Noraan and Sha’ryn’thaqiz were suspsicious. Their suspicions were soon proven true as the “Jawas” revealed themselves to be the Yiyar clan, who had set a trap for both the crew and IsoTech. A massive firefight broke out throughout the facility, with the Yiyar clan assaulting numerous points around Scrapheap Point.

After defeating the Yiyar clan on the skiffs, the crew made their way back towards the Zenith, only to find five Rodians attempting to board. Following a fierce firefight that left the Rodians defeated, the crew pushed forward to the Bantha Can, where they engaged a group of Trandoshan. As the Trandoshan fell, a dozen of IsoTech’s technicians emerged from inside the ship to join the battle. Inside the ship, the crew pushed towards the apparently non-functioning turbolifts, which suddenly opened to reveal Reom and three armed mercenaries. With more forces having arrived, the battle was soon won and the Yiyar clan was finally defeated.

Meeting up with Reom, he explained that he was wounded when IsoTech’s office on The Wheel was attacked and he came to Scrapheap Point to hide out. The crew was able to negotiate a payout from Reom for Cratala and her research, as well as the items found during the scavenging of the junk pile, resulting in a total payment of 38,000 credits. In addition, Reom agreed to pay off some of Captain Noraan’s debt to Xiarr.

As the crew was preparing to leave, they were alerted to the presence of a TIE fighter patrol scanning the area. Realizing it wouldn’t be long before the full might of the Empire was raining down upon them, Reom informed the crew of IsoTech’s escape plan in the form of the still operational Blockade Bandit. Damaged in the battle, the crew agreed to help patch up the corvette in exchange for an extra 100,000 credits. Pressed for time, the crew rushed to various parts of the ship to begin the repairs.

With the assistance of IsoTech technicians and Cratala, Kandar and Sha’ryn’thaqiz were able to use their mechanics and computer skills to assist with the bulk of the repairs, while Askrut and Captain Noraan did their part before defending the Zenith from a stormtrooper assault. Completing what repairs they could manage in the short time they had, Captain Noraan agreed to pilot the Bandit to the rendezvous point while Kandar took control of the Zenith.

Rocketing from the junk yard with the assistance of a few carefully placed charges, Captain Noraan guided the corvette into the air, while Kandar followed close behind. Pursued by TIE fighters, Askrut and Sha’ryn’thaqiz assisted with manning each of the ship’s guns, firing upon the Imperial pursuers while the starships climbed higher into the air. As the ship’s reached the edge of the atmosphere, they were met with two Imperial system patrol craft, intent on intercepting their escape. Thanks to Captain Noraan’s piloting ability and Kandar’s familiarity with the Zenith, the crew escaped their pursuers and jumped to hyperspace.

It wasn’t long before they arrived at Iso-One, a massive, near-derelict bulk freighter that Reom announced as their new operations base for the sector and one day the heart of mobile operations. Thanking the crew for their assistance, Reom stuck to his end of the deal and paid the extra credits, as well as providing medical attention. With their business concluded, the crew boarded the Zenith once more and jumped to hyperspace, already looking for their next adventure.



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