Star Wars: Edge of Hope

Beyond the Rim: Episode II

Welcome to the Jungle

Following a daring jump through hyperspace, the Rogue Zenith arrived near the planet Cholganna only to be surrounded by a dust cloud and bombarded by asteroids. Thanks to Captain Noraan’s piloting ability and Sha’ryn’thaqiz’s aptitude with the ship’s sensors, the Zentih was able to survive the asteroid field without any major damage. Emerging from the dust cloud, Captain Noraan guided the ship into the jungle planet’s orbit. Utilizing the data provided by IsoTech, Sha’ryn’thaqiz was able to narrow the search for the Sa Nalaor to an area of roughly 60 kilometers, as well as discover what appeared to be an escape pod on the sensors.

Safely landing on Cholganna’s surface, the crew emerged and was faced with a vast jungle wilderness. Dropped into the unknown, Captain Noraan was shaken to her core, preferring the busy markets of a spaceport than a remote, backwater jungle. With Sha’ryn’thaqiz at the lead, the crew began the trek into the jungle, navigating their way towards the first search location. After a difficult journey, the crew arrived at a steep, overgrown crevasse. Unused to the terrain, Captain Noraan fell into the crevasse, sustaining some minor wounds while also discovering the escape pod they had detected on the sensors.

Upon investigation, they noted the pod was designated 34 Besh and that a swarm of green-bodied insects was present at the pod’s opening. Sha’ryn’thaqiz indicated that the insects were likely using the pod as a home and were dangerous in a swarm because of their stingers, though he was able to smoke out the insects using a makeshift smoke grenade. The crew also discovered the skeletal remains wearing CIS Navy spacesuits, as well as the carcass of what appeared to be a nexu. Within the pod, Kandar retrieved the flight logs and recording memory while Sha’ryn’thaqiz copied the data to his datapad.

Following the pod investigation, the crew headed for the primary search area that had been detected. As they passed beneath a large overhang of trees, Sha’ryn’thaqiz detected the presence of nearby creatures. The crew was then attacked by three arboreal octopus. Although larger and deadly, the octopus were quickly defeated by the crew, though not before doing their best to further shake Captain Noraan’s core. Having dealt with the octopus, the crew arrived at the primary crash site in a narrow, winding river valley around midday.

Identifying the wreckage as being the engine section of the Sa Nalaor, the crew quickly investigated before determining nothing of value was present. Thanks to Sha’ryn’thaqiz’s keen eyes and survival knowledge, they were able to follow the river north to the crash site of the main hull. Examining the wreckage, they determined that portions of the ship had been salvaged and that the remains of a large encampment were nearby. Sha’ryn’thaqiz noted that the encampment was probably abandoned twenty years ago and could have held between thirty and fifty people. He also identified a nearby burial site of twenty graves.

The crew entered the wreckage through one of the many holes in the hull and began the search. They first searched what was once the Sensor Array Control Room and found little save for a tarp that was meant to hide an attempt at removing the security scanner. Next, the crew crossed the damaged hallway of the ship to Bridge Security, where they found the turbolift shafts leading to the Command Tower. There they found a recording of the ship’s final moments stowed away in a secret compartment. The recording showed a young Captain Harsol and a white-haired Arkanian woman moments before the crash, though little else was revealed.

Moments after the recording was viewed, the crew was ambushed by a nexu enhanced with cybernetic augmentation. Although an unknown foe, the crew was able to fend off the cyber-nexu, sending it retreating into the darkness of the wreckage. Immediately following the cyber-nexu attack, IT-3PO appeared in Command Tower, explaining that it had followed the crew from the Zenith and that the nexu was the result of experiments by the Sa Nalaor’s cybernetics expert, Cratala. The droid also deduced that survivors of the wreck must be nearby and alerted the crew to its activation of an internal homing beacon installed by Captain Harsol. Although wary of the droid’s intentions, the crew agreed to establish camp in the valley near the wreckage.

Awoken the next morning by the sound of ship engines overhead, the crew was confronted by the Yiyar clan, who finally managed to catch up to them. Yav himself was present, along with four of his clan. The clan attempted to trap the crew in their makeshift camp, but they were prepared. Following a chaotic shootout, the crew was able to fend off the clan, causing Yav and the only survivor of his entourage to board the Nightflyer, and flee the planet.

It wasn’t long before Kandar and Sha’ryn’thaqiz spotted a group approaching from the lake. Revealed to be Captain Harsol and two survivors with an accompaniment of six battle droids by IT-3PO, the crew was questioned as to who they were and the whereabouts of Ropok. Despite Harsol’s apparent paranoia, Captain Noraan was able to charm her way through the introductions and explanation of their purpose on Cholganna. With some reluctance, the crew was lead back to the survivor’s camp by Harsol and his men.

Arriving at the camp, known by the survivors as the Retreat, the crew were lead to a large patchwork building where a crowd of thirty were gathered outside. Once inside, the crew was lead to a stage, where they were instructed to sit. Harsol took to the podium and began a speech, explaining the arrival of IT-3Po and the crew, as well as hope that they might be there to assist the survivors. Harsol then took to inquiring about the state of the Empire and the galaxy as a whole, though the answers proved less than hopeful for the survivors. Harsol then asked what brought the crew to Cholganna, and as Captain Noraan began to explain, numerous voices in the crowd began to speak up, asking for a deal in exchange for assiting the crew. Harsol immediately silenced the crowd and sent them home, leaving only himself and Cratala, an Arkanian cybernetics researcher and scientist, behind.

Once alone, Harsol and Cratala began to ask more detailed questions about the galaxy, with Cratala asking specifically about technology and medicine. After stating that she would show the crew her laboratory in the morning, Harsol led the crew to their room in the living quarters and departed with IT-3PO. While Kandar and Askrut remained behind, Captain Noraan and Sha’ryn’thaqiz took to exploring the camp, hearing whispers of Harsol’s paranoia and apparent dictatorship, Cratala caring more for her creations than the survivors, and the desire for some to leave Cholganna.

The next morning began with Cratala giving a tour of the Retreat, which included a nexu feeding, before leading the crew to her personal laboratory. Realizing that IsoTech would likely be highly interested in Cratala and her technology, the crew struck a deal with Cratala to bring her and her staff back to Reom, along with copies of her research, though Cratala insisted they clear it with Harsol. In the midst of a tense and progressively more difficult negotiation with Harsol, the Retreat was beset upon by the Empire, who had tracked the crew of the Zenith from the Wheel. Alarms began to blare and the survivors were struck with horror. Cratala immediately locked herself in an access enclosure near the nexu cage, while Harsol’s paranoia finally reached a boiling point as he blamed the crew for the Empire’s arrival. Askrut was able to snap him out of his paranoia and turn his anger on the Empire, though Cratala remained firmly locked in the enclosure.

Surrounded by the forces of the Empire, contact was made by Supervisor Liers Ossnan, an agent of the Imperial Security Bureau, who ordered the survivors to turn over the crew, painting them as thieves and thugs. After a few minutes of empty promises to the survivors of immunity and monetary rewards, the crew turned the tables and attacked the Imperial forces, causing Ossnan to retreat to his ship, obviously outnumbered. The crew was eventually able to defeat most of the scout troopers present, thanks to their low number, and force the Empire to retreat. Commandeering two of the speeder bikes, the crew raced back to the Zenith and Captain Noraan piloted the ship back to the Reteat.

Realizing that Cholganna was no longer safe, Harsol agreed to let Cratala and her staff go, provided the crew arranges for Reom and IsoTech return to rescue the rest. With the deal secured, Captain Noraan guided the Zenith out of Cholganna’s gravity well and made the jump to hyperspace, finally on their way to Raxus Prime.



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