Star Wars: Edge of Hope

Beyond the Rim: Episode I

The Tale of the Sa Nalaor

After receiving a message from the crime lord Xiarr, Captain Iala Noraan and the crew of the Rogue Zenith – comprised of the Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Kandar Contarus, the Bothan Marshal Askrut Rurra’bek, and the Chiss Explorer Sha’ryn’thaqiz – headed for the space station known as The Wheel on the borders of the Outer Rim. Upon arrival, the crew met with Reom, an executive of IsoTech, a tech company known to have a hand in black market technology and a thirst for profits. After a brief back and forth, the crew agreed to take on the job – hunting for the legendary Separatist ship known as the Sa Nalaor on the planet Cholganna and bringing its secretive technology to a salvaging facility on Raxus Prime – though not before negotiating for a higher payout.

Instructed by Reom to wait for the arrival of IT-3PO, a protocol droid that once belonged to Reom’s father and knew Rel Harsol, the Sa Nalaor’s captain, the crew investigated IsoTech and the information given to them by the slightly suspicious Twi’lek. Although they didn’t learn a great deal of new information, they were alerted to a criminal gang known as the Yiyar Clan’s interest in the Sa Nalaor and their repeated efforts to steal information from IsoTech. Much to the chagrin of Captain Noraan, they discovered the increased presence of Imperial Security Bureau agents aboard The Wheel.

As they were alerted of the imminent arrival of IT-3PO by Shira, Reom’s mysterious sister, the crew headed back to their ship to await delivery of the droid. The delivery ran late, and as they crew went to investigate, they caught the Yiyar clan and its leader, Yav Yiyar, abducting the droid and attempting to get it back to their ship, the Nightflyer. A violent chase ensued, resulting in some hefty property damage to The Wheel’s hangar level and some minor injuries to civilians. The crew caught up to the Yiyar Clan inside their hangar, and after a firefight which resulted in the death of several Yiyar Clan members, the crew of the Rogue Zenith was able to flee the scene with IT-3PO before Wheel Security arrived.

Safely aboard their ship, Captain Noraan quickly took off, narrowly avoiding collision with an incoming freighter. As The Wheel’s docking authority demanded a return to the station, the hotshot captain ignored the demands and jumped to hyperspace, heading for the primitive and dangerous world of Cholganna.



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